Friday, May 15, 2015

Family in Germany

October 31, 2006

     I dreamt this morning about visiting Germany again and talking with my two grandchildren.  I can't go back because of money but it would be nice to visit the area where I spent so much of my life, 27 years.  I even dreamt that my granddaughter Kirstin, now 20, was married and had a baby?

November 4, 2006

     We had a parking lot sale today.  I took a van full down and set up my table at 6 AM.  I remained there until after 10:30 AM.  I took in $120 minus the $5 I paid for the table.  The money was deposited in my piggy bank.
     In the evening, I had dinner at Carrow's and then I went to the movie and saw "Death of a President"  It was a What if? about King George Bush.  I might be a loss to my country if it really happened.  The only real bad thing about such an event would be that 'Broke back Mountain' Daddy, Dick Cheney would take over and that would only speed up the downfall and total demise of the United States.

November 7, 2006

     Today is election day.  I found my polling place and went in and got a paper ballot.  After reading the last two issues of "The Washington Spectator", Volume 32, issues 18-19, I am convinced that George W. and his gang of crooks will do everything to remain in power.  This is why I am using a paper ballot.  If they, the Republicans retain control through the voting fraud they are good at and they retain control of congress, then they are no better than the NAZIs were!

UN, Detroit Tigers, North Korea

October 14, 2006
     ... The Detroit Tigers won the American League title today.  They defeated the Oakland Athletics 6-3.  The UN passed a resounding  weapons sanction against. North Korea.  The resolution was even signed by Russia and China.  It will have no effect on North Korea.
     The following letter which is my latest will be sent to the Desert Sun.  I know it will not be printed.
     "North Korea and How it Learned to Love the Bomb"

     Before it becomes too much for "The Paper Tiger"(USA) to handle, it would be a salvation call for the United States and the world if on the 75th Anniversary of North Korea's birth as a renegade outlaw communist entity, if the U.S. would 'nuke' the festivities with several nuclear bombs.
     Yes, many would die in Pyongyang on that day in April 2007, but consider the millions woh would live on in peace because all the WMDs that those social outcasts are manufacturing and exporting would cease.
     60 plus years ago, the free world led by the U.S.A. found themselves in a similar situation with Japan.  In order to save maybe a million Americans and maybe millions of Japanese, President Truman made the only decision possible at the time.  He dropped two small Atomic bombs, killing approximately 150,000 Japanese.  The paper tiger growled!
     The Desert Sun should take a poll and I know the majority would say, "Nuke them now!"

October 15, 2006

     I just finished reading "The World is Flat" by Thomas L. Friedman.  Very interesting and very shocking.  He writes more or less how the U.S. is going down the drain, just like all the empires before.  After reading that book, I read "The Lost Gospel" by Herbert Krosney.  It was eye opening to read about how the Bible came about.

October 25, 2006

     A huge brush/forest fire is burning in the Cabazon/Banning, CA area.  Four fiefighters have been killed.  Who is to blame?

Boston Marathon Bomber

May 15, 2015

     The Boston Marathon Bomber has been sentenced to death.   WHOOPIE!
The problem is, we have an injustice system and not a justice system here in America.
So, he has been convicted of such a heinous crime against humanity.  Now his lawyers will have a 'hay day'.  They will get enormous retainers from some bigoted super PAC idiot and also from many
terrorist organizations in the U.S. A. and the world.  There are even many brain dead here that will help this animal.  Also, because we don't have a justice system and he has been sentenced to death,
he will now have a chance to appeal and that 16 times.  So, if he is ever put to death, he will be at least 40 years old.  Hurrah for the injustice in America.  Nothing but bigots and hypocrites have the say.  Why can't they just shoot the bastard?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Rich

October 5, 2006
     Yesterday, The Desert Sun (Soap Wrapper) published an article about a D. Hagedone, a Real Estate magnet in Palm Desert, who is requesting that the city of Palm Desert allows him to increase his domicile to 61,000 square feet.  I promptly wrote an Email the the editor:
          With the planned expansion to 61,000 square feet, D. Hagedone can no longer be termed a Prince of Avarice, but is now even without a crown, the King of Avarice!
     When in the Coachella Valley alone, hundreds of people are forced to live in the open, in a cardboard box or under some bush.  When a baby is born  out in the open desert, when hundreds of children go to bed hungry, when they have to walk bare foot on the hot desert sand;Mr. Hagedone and his court, as opulent as they are, have only two desires in life, more wealth and larger domiciles.
     I know this will not be printed in the local soap wrapper because attacking the upper crust of society is forbidden.  This is their country, don't anyone forget that!

October 8, 2006
     Everything is turning out as I predicted.  King George W. is nearing  his end.  Next month is election and I know my sanctimoneous bigot countrymen, they will vote for a drastic change in Washington.  The Republicans have already lost it.  They are truly down and out.  Whether the Democrats can do better is a wait and see game.  King George is down to a 33% approval rating.  Also most Americans including myself really want a change.

October 9, 2006
     North Korea exploded an Atomic Bomb today and the 'paper tiger (U.S.A.) did nothing.  The only solution to this development is to drop five such bombs on North Korea and then ask them if they want to ask for peace.

Oil Price Going Down

September 7, 2006
     Oil is going down again.  It is now $67.50!

September 9, 2006
     Although most Americans couldn't answer the following, it is still a Memorial Day for me.  I am flying two flags on my van and I am wearing my World Trade Center T-shirt.  A question to my dumb countrymen.  Today is Saturday, so what is Monday?
     I wrote the following about the drop in oil price and I will mail it off to the Desert Sun (Email) today or tomorrow.

          the price of crude oil is declining, so is the price of gas at the pump.  Is this a result of the supply and demand factor?  Or, is this another ploy of Bush and his crony oil friends?  They filled their pockets last year with Billions from us.  Now Bush is in trouble of losing in November the support he so direly needs in Congress for his Bush War in Iraq and his pseudo war on terror.  Is it not possible that the price of gas is in decline to fool the American consumer and voter?  We just love consuming our country to death.  See there, says Mr/Mrs voter, the Republicans are on our side!  Mr/Mrs America, what do you think will happen to the gas price on the day after the election?  That is if King George's crony friends return in Mass to Washington.

September 10, 2006
     I fastened two flags to my can in commemoration of 9/11.  I saw one other car flying a flag.

September 19, 2006
     Everyday I read about all the deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan due to the suicide bombers.  This is partly good news! The more Muslims that kill each other, the less ammunition we (infantile) will need to carry out the final solution, I mean when there is a real thorough ethnic cleansing of all the towel heads.!
     Yesterday, nine more were killed by a suicide bomber.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The World at War

September 2, 2006
     The Joseph Goerbels of the Bush court ( Rummy Rumsfeld) is slowly showing and telling us that the war in Iraq is a worthless one.  One day soon,  we will be forced to pull out of Iraq just like we did in Somalia.  Somalia is still a total 100% Anarchy after 13 years.  'Black Hawk Down' happened in 1993.
     There is no possibility of civilizing those Niggers in Somalia or those 'towel heads' in Iraq!  Let them go!

A Day in the Life of a Nobody, Jon Bonnet Ramsey

August 26, 2006
     I got up at 7:45 AM and went immediately for a blood test.  Upon completion, I returned home and made myself a nice breakfast (a three egg omelet with cheese, bacon bits, chopped onion and green pepper).  I microwaved to strips of bacon and baked two biscuits along with two big mugs of coffee.
     After breakfast, I pulled down all the over ripped grapefruit.  Then I primed a new shelf for the kitchen, which will be installed above the window.  With that short workout finished and the Sun now out full force, I went up on the roof and took a sunbath in my birthday suit.  I sort of baked on my back for about 37 minutes, then I turned over and did about 27 minutes on my stomach.
     I just had a lunch of nice Bing cherries and a couple of gulps of 'fruit punch' Gatorade.  Now I am going to dismantle the old patio door and crush some more aluminum cans.  Then I will start to gut the interior walls in the living room.
     The only thing I can thank Myrtle for is that she didn't pass the alcohol gene onto me, but from the Paternal side I did inherit the 'workaholic gene'.  I never know when to quit when I get started.
    Well, I separated all the aluminum frame parts of the old patio door and bundled  them up for the recycling place.  I smashed all the glass into manageable pieces and threw them into the dumpster.
     I did start to tear apart the serrated plywood walls in the living room.  I don't think this will be as bad as in the dining room, but I will not know the extent until the old plywood walls and moulding are torn apart and thrown away
     A certain child molester and child porn brain dead, John Mark Karr, is going on trial for murdering Jon Bonnet Ramsey.  I don't believe he did it.  I believe he is just out to get his '15 minutes' of fame.

August 27, 2006
     I was right again.  John Mark Karr had nothing to do with the murder of that little girl.  The charges against him were dropped today.  I still believe her half brother is responsible.

August 29, 2006
     Today I am starting a new job with DDP Inc. as merchandiser.  I will be responsible for the rough plumbing and rough electrical in two Lowe's stores.  Thank goodness I am out of the Palm Springs store.  I will only go over there to collect bottles and cans.
     The first hurricane of the season ( Ernesto) is heading for the east side of Florida.  It doesn't look like a major one.