Friday, January 15, 2016

My Daughter is no More!

June 13, 2007

I stayed the night in Limon, Co at a 'Super 8'.  It was nice and clean.  I got up at 7 AM had a shower and breakfast. I got on the road to Colorado Springs about 9 AM.  I arrived at the Sheriff's Office for El Paso County around 10:30.  I spoke with an African-American woman who said that Heike was no longer with them.  She had transferred to the Teller County Sheriff's Office in Divide.  So  drove up the mountain to the sheriff's office.  I was told she was off for the rest of the week.  I drove down the mountain to Woodland Park.  I found her house right away, but she wasn't home?  Her pick-up was in the driveway.
I am now downtown Woodland Park.  I just copied all the court records and am enjoying a nice cup of free coffee at the Wendy's. (The court records must have been those from my court battle against my mother's trust).  The coffee was free because I was wearing the new Dwight D. Eisenhower cap I had purchased at his memorial library?  The young waitress thought I was in the military.  All the store associates were white except one Black.
It is now 1:30 PM.  I just finished my free coffee and will try again to see if Heike is home?  This is a
very hard task because I don't know what to expect from her or my grandkids.  If she is home, and she welcomes me, then maybe we can talk things out and I will stay until tomorrow.  If not, then I will be on the road faster than one can wink!
Well, the dice have fallen and I crapped out.  I attempted the whole afternoon to meet up with Heike.
I even left a message on her cell voice mail.  At about 6:10 while I was sitting in a Pizza Hut, she called back.  She nastily said,  "I hear you have been looking for me".  I answered, "Yes I have!"
She then very outraged answered, " I don't want to see you and I don't want to talk with you!"  I answered as fast as I could, "may I ask you a question?"  "O.K." she replied.  I said, "did you settle
with your cousin or did she settle with you?" ( Her cousin was Kimberly Sue Larsen ?. She somehow
convinced my mother? who was suffering from dementia, to turn over her One Million estate to her and cut me, her son? completely out).
"No, I didn't and I don't care about the money, you can have it."
I tried to outline what happened but she just answered, "I don't care about the money, I only care about my family".  Without saying another word, she hung up!
So, that is life.  There is no bigger fool and idiot than me!  I tried my whole life to be humble, decent, dedicated, loving,loyal, honest, God fearful and helpful.  I think it is time to change radically.
Am I Heike's father?  I don't know.
Was her mother just another Army hooker?  Maybe?
Did she lie to Heike and Rita about me?  I have to believe it.
Heike was born exactly nine months to the day after I married her mother.  Am I her father?  Again I have to say, I don't know!
Who loved Heike more than anyone else?  I did!
Who stood by her, protected her and nurtured her?  I did!
Who made it possible for her to get out of our dysfunctional family and go to America?  I did.
Who continuously bragged about her achievements in the Marine corp?  I did.
Who stood by her during that dangerous Post Partim (pregnancy) period when she gave birth to Michaela? Joan and I did.
Who tried to show her children ( my grandchildren) how much we loved them with presents and more?  My wife Joan and to  small extent me.
There is another whole page in my journal of all the things I did for her and got absolutely no thanks!
Well, as I wrote, that is life and life with or about my daughter is no more!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Bust of Adolf Hitler

June 12, 2007

I am on my way back to California without my wife.  I left Ferndale yesterday and drove over 805 miles to Independence, MO.  I left Independence around 8 AM this morning and drove through Kansas City, MO. and KS.  They are two cities with probably the most overpasses, underpasses, on ramps , off ramps, etc., in the whole United States.
I spent 3 1/2 hours at the Eisenhower Library and museum in Abilene, Kansas.
I discovered the bust of Adolf Hitler that had been perched in front of the Landsburg prison where he supposedly wrote his book, "Mein Kampf"
The story has it, that is what a veteran at a reunion told  me.  He was a member of "C" Company, 506th Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division.  He related that he had found it when his unit cleared the prison.  He mounted it on the hood of his jeep and drove on.  Soon he stopped because a bunch of political prisoners, slave laborers and others saw the bust and attacked it with pitch forks, etc.  He drove on with a very scratched up bust.  Ahead on the road an Army Chaplain stopped him for a ride.  He became furious when he saw the bust.  He ordered the driver to remove it immediately.  Well, he did and the next opportunity he had, he boxed it and mailed it to a relative back in America.
His relative lived somewhere in the state of Washington.  He returned after the war, totally forgot about his find and started a new life.  30 years went passed and he had worked the whole time.  He didn't tell me where or for whom he had worked.  Now over fifty, he retired and decided to travel  He remembered that he had a cousin or relative in Washington and decided to visit him.  Out of the blue, he stopped in.  After a long chat and getting to know each other better, his cousin asked him if he wanted the box he had mailed him in WWII.  He had totally forgotten about it.  He asked very stupidly, what box?  His cousin told him that it was in his basement and had never been opened.  They went down and he was shocked to open it and see what he had sent.  After getting his thoughts together, he decided that it belonged in a museum.  This is how it is now on display at the President Eisenhower Library.

The largest flock! Senator Obama, D-Day?, Flags to veterans, Paul Tucker

October 4, 2015

I would say it is the United States and the sheep are The American voter!

May 29, 2007

I finished reading Barrack Obama's book, "Audacity of Hope".  I am very impressed over this U.S. Senator.  If he is in life the way he describes himself in this book, then my vote goes to him.  I sure hope my fellow countrymen think the same.

In his way, ideas and beliefs take hold.  He could be our next president.  Just look in my daily planner, we have the hope of presenting two American flags to the families of young Americans killed in Iraq.

We have to suffer another 602 days with Bush and his gang.

A little joke - Abraham's ghost is afraid to visit the White House!  He is afraid of meeting Dick Cheney!  How true, how true!

June 6, 2007

Today was the 63rd anniversary of "D-Day". It is forgotten by most Americans and remembered in the media as just another date in history. Sad! Sad! Sad!

I couldn't find the family of Corporal KIM in Warren, MI.  His family has moved and there is no record.  So, I presented the flag to the Mar9ne recruiter in Warren.
I then went over to PFC JOHN DEARING's grandmother's house and presented her with the flag and
photos from Cathedral City, CA.  Joan even had purchased a bouquet of Red-White and Blue carnations and a frame for the certificate.  WJBK - Fox 2 was there and the presentation was a great success.  Joan's daughter made a copy of the presentation and I will give it to the mayor of Cathedral City when I get back

Afterward, I put everything together that I had researched about Paul Tucker and sent a copy to his younger brother Francis in TN.  Paul was KIA on February 28, 1945 in the vicinity of Pruem, Germany.  He was a BAR man and they were the first to be singled out by German snipers.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Back in Ferndale, MI for the Spring and early Summer

April 20, 2007

Once again Adolf Hitler’s 188 birthday was celebrated with a shooting.  A derange outsider walked into the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX and shot one person.  Then he ended his miserable life with a bullet to the his cabbage head.

April 21, 2007

The weather here is 70 degrees - beautiful!  I left Palm Springs (fagville) and arrived here in Ferndale ( redneck ville).  The neighbors, if you want to call them that; have barking hounds, they rev up their cars and motorcycles all day, they drive through the streets with their boom-boom boxes on high that the windows rattle and then they also turn up their car radios to the highest.
I worked all day in the garden and on the lawn, getting everything ready for spring.  Then when I got totally worn out, I sat down on my self made picnic table and I wrote in my journal.  I believe I also enjoyed a couple of cans of beer,
It has remained relatively quiet in the world today.  Even in Baghdad we only had a few Americans killed.  I lowered my flag to half mast!

I went to the local library and research some more about Paul L. Tucker, a second cousin to Joan.  He was killed on February 28, 1945 in the western part of Germany, probably by a German sniper.  He was the BAR man and they were always to first to get shot.

May 11, 2007

Yesterday, I finished reading Lee Iacocca’s new book, “Where Have All The Leaders Gone?”  It was very, very interesting.  It took me seven days to read 263 pages.  That is a record for me!  His opinion over everything matches mine 100%.  I couldn’t find anything to disagree on.

This morning I started to read Barrack Obama’s book, “The Audacity of Hope”.  I am so far very much in agreement with him.  If he continues and isn’t assassinated before, he just might be our next president.

Our Trip Back to Michigan

April 15, 2007

I continued to drive on through Oklahoma into Missouri. We stopped for the night at a nice Comfort Inn in St. Roberts, Misery, I mean Missouri.  The motel was right across the highway from the entrance to Ft Leonard Wood.  I don’t think the town existed in 1959 when I went thru basic training at Fort Lost-in-the-Woods, Misery.  It was early afternoon, so I decided to make a tour of the place where I spent over eight weeks preparing for the next war.  Lucky for me, I never got into one.  Up in one corner of the huge training area there was an outdoor museum.  They had the old wooden barracks on display.  The troop buildings were two story wood structures.  When I went into the latrine, I almost fainted.  There before me were the four toilets without partition, four sinks and I think four shower heads.  I stood there and just couldn’t remember how 40 of us recruits got ready for reveille in the morning.  I do remember being on latrine duty several times but that was the extent of my memory.  I am sure glad that I never had to use the small bit of infantry training we got, otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing this if I had stayed in and had gone off to Vietnam.

April 16, 2007

We got on the road at about the same time, (9:30 AM).  The first thing that came across the radio was how a deranged sick monster murdered 32 students and
professors at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia.
Once again the signs and flags of this deranged monster were visible years before and no one saw or recognized the approaching tragedy
These types of tragedies will continue because it is human nature to turn a blind eye and cheek and to keep one’s mouth sealed, even when the sicko is a member of their family.
I drove 483 miles.

April 17, 2007

Yesterday, I got caught in a traffic jam in Indianapolis.  I was forced to follow 65 north until I exited in Lebanon and drove east on Hwy 32 back to the I679 north.  We stopped in Gas City and watched several hours of that mass murder on TV.  This was the last leg of our journeyback to Michigan.  We arrived in Ferndale around 2:30 PM after about 249 miles.  The trip from Palm Springs was 2,388 miles and I got approximately 21.13 MPG.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton, The next president

July 19, 2015

     In her memoirs, "Hard Choices", she wrote about Benghazi very, very thoroughly.  It is the opinion of this writer that all the attacks on Americans and American property are mainly the fault of various brain dead imbeciles in our own country.  One is that idiot who released a 14 film on the Internet blasting the Muslim religion.  The title - "Innocence of Muslims".  Both Republicans and Democrats who claim to be Christian but did nothing to stop him, did nothing.  He should have been totally taken out of circulation and done away with.
     The other imbecile is that con man in Florida who wants to periodically burn the 'Koran'.  Both plead their rights under the 1st Amendment.  What a joke.  This amendment has been taken so out of context, that it is no longer valid.  That con man belongs six feet under!
     We are digging our own grave.  The hypocrites and bigots have slowly taken the high ground here and will be our demise soon.  Wait and see!

July 19, 2015

     Representative Issa from California, another one of those bigoted Republicans, would even enjoy grilling God to see if He is for real!  Her enjoys making a lot of noise in Washington, but he has never discovered anything.  Senator McCarthy was his mentor.  If he was asked what he wants, he would probably just him and haw!

July 19, 2015

     The extended family that owns and runs the multi retail chain known as 'Hobby Lobby' are nothing but bigots who won a battle in the Supreme Court thanks to the Republican hypocritical majority who voted in their favor.
     Their religious beliefs are in reality just another term for bigotry.  One's religious beliefs are a personal matter between that individual and God.  No person, privately owned and operated business or government has the right and authority to pass judgment on an individual like the folks at 'Hobby Lobby'.
     They like many others are the heirs to the 'Mayflower' band of bigots and hypocrites.  If you delve into the history of the 'Mayflower', you will understand what they really were.  That small group of religious followers of some pretentious gospel prediger who preached contrary to the accepted religious practices.
     Like Jim Jones some 350 years later, he convinced a handful of brain dead followers to follow him across the ocean to the land of "milk and honey?"  They were totally unprepared for such a journey.  They landed at what they called 'Plymouth Rock'.  This name was probably chosen to honor the English town they embarked from?
     At first the uncivilized 'redskins met them with smiles, but as soon as the bigots from across the ocean found fault with those 'redskins', the situation changed.  The natives were harassed, tortured and liquidated.  This has been a part of American history since.
     Each new group of immigrants seeking that land of 'milk and honey' soon learned through their own hypocrisy, what was desired and what not!

July 19, 2015

    Because John McCain realized and knew he had no chance in the 2008 election, his advisers decided that if he picked a strong female, he might increase his chances with the women voters.  So, they picked  The X governor from Alaska, Sarah Palin.  She was a real 'loud mouth' with very little intelligence.  She took on the nickname of 'pit bull'.  The Senator was totally falsely advised by his staff. He lost the election and she remains a real pain in the backside (ass) of many Americans.  I mean those with some intelligence.
    She wanted to impeach President Obama but didn't know for what.  She claimed in the beginning that she could see Russia from her kitchen window?  She needs to go back to grade school where she dropped out to go into politics.  She now has millions in her bank account, given to her by all those who have an IQ below 100.  It would be better if she just spent some of that money and bought a helicopter and went moose hunting!

Immigration Murder, Senator Fred Thompson, Our Trip back to Michigan

April 10, 2007

The illegal immigration battle is becoming quite heated up after two young girls were murdered by a drunken illegal immigrant who had a very long ‘RAP’ sheet.

April 12, 2007

Former Senator Fred Thompson who turned TV star on “Law and Order”, may run for president next year.  I like him a lot and he is the only one of that bunch who gives me the sincere feeling and belief that he will and can turn Washington and my country around.  All the rest - Guiliani, McCain, Obama, Edwards, Clinton, are shining now, but their stars will fall by next fall.
Then we have Bush and his gang.  Will they let go of their power that easily?  I will continue to add and subtract my opinion as the next election approaches.
I had a photo shoot with the mayor of Cathedral City, CA, Mrs. DeRosa.
Now I will take several flags that flew in our memorial park commemorating those who died in those worthless wars and present them to the families back in Michigan.

April 13, 2007

Somehow Joan was ready and we left Palm Springs at 7:30 AM.  The traffic east wasn’t too bad and we made good time.  We stopped for breakfast at the ‘Cracker Barrel’ in Goodyear, AZ.  I then continued on the AZ 101 around Phoenix to the US 17 north.  On the US 17 to the I-40, then east to Gallup, NM.  We stopped for the night at a
Ramada Limited, which was next door to a Cracker Barrel, where we had dinner.  My first day out, I drove 595 miles.
April 14, 2007

We left Gallup at 8:30 AM, drove through NM and the Texas Panhandle.  We stopped for the night in Erick, OK.  Drove another 534 miles.