Sunday, March 30, 2014

President Reagan

J  une 7, 2004

     Today they held a memorial for the president at his library in Simi Valley.  Everything was very nice except for his daughter, Patti Davis.  Her attire was totally out of place and a sign of disrespect for her father.
She wore a short mini skirt.  The President came from the old generation and there were morals back then.  She should have worn a skirt at least below her knees.

June 8, 2004

     President Reagan laid in state at his library.  over 106,000 people paid their respect.  Most of them were dressed as if they were on their way to the beach or they just came from a grill party.  Even his daughter displayed publicly her disrespect and dislike for her father by wearing a mini and having her hair hang down almost to her ass.  Nancy or someone must have taken her aside afterward because at his funeral she wore a floor length black dress.  People still say about her today, she never grew up.  She has remained a rebel that she was as a teenager.  Something is missing in her little cranium.

Reading, Writing and others

May 28, 2004

     On Wednesday, I mailed my memoirs to Book Surge for publishing.  The ball is now rolling.  I shall know in about a month if I am a winner or once again a loser!
     Just finished reading President Jimmy Carter's book "Hornets Nest".  It is about the Revolutionary War and was quite interesting.  I am now reading "War is Hell" by Milton A. Rhea.  This afternoon I will function as MC at the clubhouse for the Memorial Day celebration.  I will recite Tex Ritter's "Deck of Cards".
     On June 5th, 12th and 19th, I am attending a gun safety course at the Palm Springs Police Department

June 5, 2004

     President Ronald Reagan finally died after suffering from Alzheimer's for 10 years.  He was almost 93 years old.

June 6, 2004

     Today is the 60th anniversary of D-Day 1944. Many thanks to those who sacrificed themselves for a better world.  We drove up to Idlewild and back.  Not an interesting drive.  Same old scenery

May 8?

May 8, 2004

     As to the prisoner affair in Iraq.  Things happened to those prisoner and there can be no excuses.  The Secretary of Defense (Rum head) Ronald W. Rumsfeld accepts full responsibility and contends that the officers, civilians and enlisted personnel involved will be punished.  The officers and civilians will get a slap on the wrist, but the enlisted will go the prison.  This is what we call true American injustice. at work.
     Today is V-E Day (end of WWII in Europe).  I will wager if I were to ask 100 people on the street - what day is today?  Maybe one or two might know!  Sad - sad - sad!

May 10, 2004

     It must be the weather?  I dreamt last night that I won in the lottery and used some of the money to tour some of the battlefields ( Pacific Islands), such as Tarawa, Saipan, Tinian, Guam, Iwo, with several veterans
from those battles
     Bushy tail is again addressing the nation about the mess he has gotten us in in Iraq.  He talked a little about the POW affair.  This is the same as it was back when I was in uniform.  Officers get off and the enlisted fry and die!  In WWI  we lost the first confrontation with the Germans until those nitwit officers who knew nothing were replaced.  In WWII, it was the same.  We lost in Korea because of Dugout Doug Vietnam was lost because of poor leadership and very poor training.  Today in the military, nothing has changed and probably will never change.  Rum head might get the boot in 30 days?

May 11, 2004

      Bushy tail backed Rum Head to the limit, why not?  He can't switch now on the eve of election.  The prisoner affair will not go away soon.  The people of the Middle East, Europe and Asia have now branded us Americans again as "The truly ugly Americans"  I am not certain about John Kerry either.  He is so far a disappointment.

Bring the Troops Home!

April 17, 2004
     I submitted my monthly letter to the Editor of The Desert Sun.  They turned it down and sent it back to me.  Sometimes I let my true feelings get the best of me and I express exactly what and how I feel.  This is what I wrote:
                                   Subject: Burn em up!  String em up!
                (Four Americans ambushed, murdered, tortured, roasted and hung up on a bridge)
     Now if the Bush backers, bigoted conservatives, greedy rich and religious 'know nothings', still
     believe we Americans should be in Iraq, then they should pack their bags and go there themselves
and get roasted and hung up!  Nobody, civilized or uncivilized will ever convert those 'sandniggers' or
teach them the benefits of freedom, liberty  and democracy.
     Who among you, will now console the families here at home who have lost their son or daughter to a pack of vicious, primitive, uneducated and ungrateful human garbage?
     I have stated my opinion many times  in the Desert Sun and other publications, BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW!!!  We will never prove anything down there.  Our security and safety as a nation is not in
jeopardy because of the terrorists or Saddam Hussein.  The only thing at risk is Dick Cheney's oil interest.
     As to immigration,  I for one and I know millions think like me, Washington doesn't have to build a wall on the border!

May 2, 2004   (General MacArthur)

     One of the men I met at the men's choir (Sandblasters) was Milton A. Rhea.  He was the Admiral's
Boatswain during WWII.  He wrote and published his memoir about his war experiences.  He titled it "War is Hell".  He told me a very interest story.
     General MacArthur's famous landing when he returned to the Philippines and repeated his promise he made when he left there, "I shall return".  Well, Milt and his buddies were playing softball on the beach when the PR people from 'Dugout Doug's Staff and the media told Milt and his buddies to stop playing and make room for the general's landing.   They all stood around and watched in awe as a 'Higgins' landing craft was beached about 30 feet from shore.  The front ramp was lowered and the general stepped off the ramp into
knee deep water.  He was accompanied by about twelve "peter principle" idiots from his staff.
     We have always been told that he came ashore with the invasion troops.  In reality, his walk through the water was staged.  The nearest Jap was about 100 miles away.
What a joke!

May 5, 2004  (Prisoner Mistreatment)

     In Iraq, the big scandal is the mistreatment of Iraqi POWs.  Totally against their religion, they are stripped naked, tortured and photographed.  Now Rumsfeld says the responsible will be punished.  Bull shit!  The Enlisted personnel involved will get the book thrown at them but the officers will get off Scot free!  That's the way it is!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Health and the presidential election

March 29, 2004

     My health for a 65 year old is pretty good.  I do experience some aches and pains, so I guess I am experiencing the onset of old age.  I try to watch my carbohydrate intake and I am beginning to enjoy a  two to three mile morning walk almost everyday.
     The national presidential election is shaping up and George Bush has to be kicked out of office.  I mailed $80 to John Kerry's campaign in the hope that he is the man to beat Bush who has caused nothing but ill will in this country.  He and his worthless 1% buddies.
The following weekend, we had a parking lot sale and I took in $80.  Even Steven!

April 4, 2004

     ... President Bush and his die hard greedy pack are still trying to convince us that his war in Iraq is O.K.!  Two or three days ago, four American civilians were murdered, set on fire and lunched on a bridge.  Also,
five more American soldiers were murdered by those 'sand niggers'.

Dishonesty will win!

March 22, 2004

     I flew to Detroit on the 19th and today I appeared before Kim Davis's lawyer for a deposition over my mother's estate.  It started at 9:30 AM and was stopped at 12:15 PM, because my lawyer had to be in court.  Kim's lawyer stuck his finger way up my nose hoping to find some snot that wasn't there.  I swore to tell the truth and remained hard and truthful.  I felt I was slowly breaking her Jewish lawyer down.  I know lawyers, I know they are the most dishonest and conspiring pack around.  I have a feeling that the two lawyers will try to reach some kind of compromise.  Neither one has any experience with trusts or wills.  I am just stuck with the one for now.  If they do reach some kind of compromise, I will not sign unless I get my share.  I detest my whole family, if they are related to me?  They have screwed me long enough!

Bush War Again and Again and the presidential election

March 16, 2004

     The Bush War in Iraq started on March 20, 2003.  It was meant to get rid of the dictator, Hussein and help those 'sand niggers' get a better way of life.  The pay back has been that have have continually murdered five plus young Americans every week since then.  I say, let those 'sand niggers' go!  They are not worth it!

     The presidential election campaign has started with John Kerry and George Bush in the ring.  It will really be a down dirty mud slinging battle of lies and untruths,  mainly from the Republican side.  The American voter will have no alternative on election day but to remain at home.