Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Firefighters

July 14, 2006
     Boy oh boy, is it ever hot!  I went to Carrow's for dinner.  There were about 20 fire fighters
from the Yucca Valley or Esperanza fire.  They were from the Santa Barbara county.  I wanted to
buy them a drink, "they are true heroes".  They politely turned me down but thanked me for my desire.

July 16, 2006
     The "sawtooth" and "Millard" wild fires up by Yucca Valley have been burning and consuming
the few trees since last Sunday.  They report that over 70,000 acres have turned black.  One man was burnt alive not far from 'Pioneer Town'.

July 17, 2006
     The wild fire on the mountain by Yucca Valley is pretty much contained.  It is still burning on the south side of Mt. Gregorio (Big Bear) but there are over 3,000 firefighters, a DC10 and about 20 choppers fire the fire.
     I dreamt this morning that I was on a bicycle ride.  I rode through a large building and my cousin was sitting there all alone.  I totally ignored her.  She said hello, but I just continued with my mouth sealed.  Also in the dream, I revisited Germany.  I found myself in Bettenhausen, a suburb of Kassel.  I had really changed.  This once worker's suburb was being totally modernized.

July 20, 2006
     62 years ago, Colonel Graf von Stuffenburg almost succeeded in ridding the world of Adolf Hitler. Hardly a person remembers that today and they don't care either.
     We still have another 916 days of king George W., the worst president this country has ever had!

July 21, 2006
     Right now it is 1 PM .  The temperature outside is 111 degrees and some humidity.  Inside the temperature is 87.8 and the humidity is 31%.
     I wish I could walk away from here and move to Alpena.  That is where I want to spend my twilight years.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Forest fire, normal working day

July 12, 2006

     That wild fire has now destroyed over 40,000 acres. Many are homeless and many had to flee with practically just the shirt on their back.

July 13, 2006  (116 degrees)

     Up to today I have crushed 846 cans since July 1st.  This recycling has turned me into a fanatical environmentalist.  I don't care what others think of me.  I am enjoying collecting all that garbage, thereby proving Myrtle right!
     To summarize my typical day.  During the working week and I have now finished my 44th week as merchandiser for Details Inc. except for my time with Meijer Inc in Michigan, this is the second longest period of employment with a company.  I guess I am getting old.
     Well, back to my story.  During the week, I usually go to bed around 9 PM and I get up around 4:15 AM.  I make myself a nice breakfast, either cereal with a banana and blueberries, a breakfast with egg beaters with bacon or sausage or a breakfast having a toasted bagel with peanut butter,.  I also have two nice mugs of coffee.  I drink my tomato juice and take my vitamins and medicine   If the 'Desert Sun' newspaper is delivered on time, I read up on the news of the day.  I am probably one in a hundred who reads their morning paper.
     Then I report into either the Lowe's store (1026) in Palm Springs or the store in La Quinta (208).  I work 7 1/2 hours and get paid for eight, shame on me!  They wouldn't give me a pay raise so I have given myself  one by not punching in or out for lunch. I was hired in at $12.25 an hour and now taking lunch on their time, I am making roughly $13.06 and hour.  Who cares?  I sure don't.
     During and after work, I patrol all the waste containers in and outside the store and collect bottles and cans.  When I get home, I usually skip a coffee bread, change clothes and continue my remodeling of my mobile home (26 Sahara).  I manage to put in several hours.  Then I make myself some dinner, wash the dishes, watch the news in TV and then crush the cans I have collected.  Time goes by fast.  I take a quick shower, sit in the nude in front of the TV for about an hour and then go to bed at around 9 PM, so I can be in the saddle again at 4:15 AM.

The Euro, Oil, American drivers, garbage collector fire in Yucca Valley, CA

July 5, 2006

     The Euro is now .7854 / $1.00.  Oil climbed to $75.19 today.  I still contend that in one year if the price of oil keeps climbing, the price of gas will be $4.00 a gallon.  The streets are empty now.  My fellow countrymen are slowly adjusting to 'driving with a plan' attitude, meaning, they think before they just drive off.

July 7, 2006

     It was another hot one today.  Again I collected three whit garbage bags filled with bottles and cans,  It has become second nature with me to look through the garbage.  Myrtle  was right,  she always said that I would make a good garbage collector.  This is the only thing I can agree on with her.  Myrtle was my mother (?).
     I know my sister (?) and brother-in-law are behind the plot to defraud me of my inheritance.  One day there will be a day of earthly justice and they will pay for what they have done to me.

July 9, 12006

     While sorting out my socks drawer, I came upon the following newspaper article that Joan had placed in the drawer.  That was probably before she left here around April 3rd.  On the back of the article is printed the date April 16, .... .  I wonder what she meant by this article.
One or the other must leave,
One or the other must stay.
One or the other must grieve.
     That is forever the way.
That is the vow that was sworn.
Faithful until death do us part.
Braving what had to be borne.
Hiding the ache in the heart.
One, howsoever adored.
First must be summoned away.
This is the will of the Lord.
One or the other must stay.

July 11, 2006

     A huge brush/forest fire started in the area west of Yucca Valley, CA.  Pioneer town, the movie set established by Roy Rogers and Gene Autry was burnt to the ground.  Over 100 buildings in the area were destroyed.  At night, the fire was very visible from my front porch here in Palm Springs.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Legal and Illegal Immigrants, Old Glory, Pedophile, 'D' Day Father's Day

April 24, 2006

     I drafted a ‘Letter to the Editor’ of the Desert Sun about legal and illegal immigrants, but I didn’t mail it.
     No matter where an immigrant comes from, no matter if he or she is legal or illegal, our country allows them to demonstrate and protest, as long as they remain peaceful.
     What is not allowed, desired or legal, is the waving of any foreign flag on the soil of this country.  No country in the world would close an eye and allow an American to march through their streets waving “ Old Glory”.
     Why then, should it be allowed here?  If I lived in Moscow, London, Cairo, Paris, Tehran , etc., and marched through their streets protesting an infraction of my human or civil rights and waving “ Stars and Stripes”, I know for a fact, I would be arrested and thrown in one of their inhuman dungeons  The trial would be a farce and I would either spend years in that dark dungeon or they would throw me out of their country and maybe even exchange me for a couple of Yankee dollars?
     Protest is O.K. and desired here, but respect for our fading American ideals and principles should be respected!

April 28, 2006

      I am really fanatic about being a recycler.  I am what I call myself a 3D, which is, dumpster - diving - dummy!  Right now I have six large garbage bags filled with plastic water and pop bottles, naturally all are empty and two large bags of crushed aluminum cans.  The recycling center behind Ralph’s is closed because of sickness, so I will just keep collecting and storing everything on my back patio.

May 3, 2006

     The unwanted drug dealer and possible pedophile(?) Living in our park was finally evicted by the Sheriff today.  Good riddance!  I believe he resided for a long time at 174 Caravan.  It took the authorities over four years to get rid of this scumbag.

May 8, 2006

     WWII ended in Europe 61 years ago today.  Who cares?  Hardly anyone still remembers what those 16 million Americans did.  I am one of the very few.

May 18, 2006
     979 days remaining with King George I.

May 22, 2006

     Lately, the media here has or is trying to drive the fear of God into us about “The Big One”.  They are talking about the earthquake that will destroy everything in its path.  Not a day goes by without some kind of warning from these idiots. SO!  I am s cared too from their continual bull shit.  Every little vibration, like when a big truck drives by, I find myself jumping.
     What can I do about such an earthquake?  Nothing, no, I could jump into the closet and pray.
     Iran is the new ‘Nazi Reich’ in the Middle East and is beginning to cause more problems than it is worth.  If George W.  Manages to achieve some kind of peace in the Middle East, specifically in Iraq, then he will probably turn his attention on the oil in Iran?  About this, we will only have to worry for another 975 days and then he and his oil smelling crony friends will be history.

June 5, 2006

     A typical day in the life of a nobody, me!  I go to bed no later than 9 PM.  I then get up around 4:15 AM.  I make my breakfast and read the morning newspaper ( The Desert Sun), which isn’t much better than the Alpena News which my grandpa use to call his ‘soap wrapper’.  I then go to work from 6 AM to 2 PM.  After work, I go through the waste cans at work and then the dumpster in our park.  I then crush the cans and pack the plastic bottles in big bags.  After that I try to work some on my remodeling project.  At about 6 PM, I sort of called it quits.  I made my dinner, washed the dishes, made my lunch for the next went go to bed. At 9 PM.  I usually am able to sleep like a log in the forest.

June 6, 2006

     Today is all but forgotten by my countrymen?  62 years ago, Americans and their allies landed on several beaches in France.  It was called ‘D’ Day.  Some 3,000 Americans were killed or wounded on this day.  Today is seems nobody cares?  What a shame!

June 18, 2006

     Today is Father’s Day, Hog wash!  Who did I father?  My son died 41 years ago as a result of my wife’s forced miscarriage.  My daughter(?) Heike Irene. If she isn't  mine, Then I can understand why she doesn't want to have anything to do with me.  So why should I get excited about today, not me!

June 24, 2006

     I drove down or over to the ’River’ shopping center and had a hamburger at Johnny Rockets.  Then I went and saw the documentary film “ An Inconvenient Truth” President Al Gore was the narrator.  He put forward the end of this planet.  I read his book about ten years ago and I have to say that he is 100% right.  If we don’t do something soon, Glabal Warming will destroy us as sure I am sitting here.  The trouble is, most Americans are too ignorant and really don’t care. I hope the end comes after I have left this planet?

June 30, 2006

     This will be the last entry in this journal notebook.  It is volumn and covers my life from August 24, 2004 to now on 196 pages.  I have left a lot of personal shit out because a lot of it is really of no interest to anybody.
    This last month I have collected and crushed 1409 alu cans and about the same amount in plastic bottles.  I cashed in part of what I have stored on the back patio and got $67, which goes right into my ‘piggy bank’.
     Why should I worry about Global Warming?  I don’t have a family who care.
Everyone in America only thinks of themselves and their own comfort.  The normal American will not change.  We are a nation of the path of total self destruction.  If I ever get the chance, I want to return to Germany where I belong and live out my life there!


Yours truly, Peter M. Olsen



King George W., Iran Wants to Destroy Israel, Hitler's 117th Birthday, Michael Douglas

April 11, 2006

     Stripped the wallpaper in the kitchen.  I then crushed my collected alu cans. Myrtle was right.
She always said I would be a good garbage collector.

April 15, 2006

     News of the day, King George is going to pay us a visit next week.  It would be nice if a disgruntled fag or rebel got to him with a bullet.
     The president of Iran ( his stupid name is impossible to write or pronounce).  He promises to destroy Israel very soon. I personally believe Israel’s Air Force is about to pay him and his Muslim buddies a visit in some unmarked planes.I hope they bomb the shit out of Iran.

April 17, 2006

     Oil is now $70.40.  I am right!  Pretty soon, we Americans will have to pay $4 to $5 a gallon

April 19, 2006

     Now it is $72.17, Wow!

April 20, 2006

     Today marks Adolf Hitler’s 117th birthday.  In the past, some brain dead fanatics celebrated by blowing up something.  Some people like me are thinking they might do something today, but it is now evening and nothing has happened.  Thank God!

April 21, 2006

     After a huge disappointment with Lowe’s, I drove over to Home Depot and ordered the microwave-oven there.  I had made a special order for it at Lowe’s on March 11.  The order should have been delivered within a week or ten days.  It was and I wanted to pick it up.  I found it on a shelf in the backroom.  So after my shift I went back to get it.  It was no longer on the shelf.  I looked all over and finally found it out back with a huge hole through the box. An idiot could see what had happened.  The fork lift driver had pierced it with one of the forks.  I tried to reorder.  Nobody in the kitchen department or the store manager showed me any interest in correcting what had happened.  Lowe’s is really a sad state of affairs.  This is why I went across the street and ordered from Home Depot.
     After making the order, I went to the movie and saw “The Sentinel”.  Pretty good and Michael Douglas did not take his clothes off to screw Kim Bassinger, the president’s wife.  I will bet that his wife Zeta Jones had warned him to keep his pants on or else!

Das Boot, Oil Price

April 2, 2006

     I drove Joan to Ontario, CA for her flight to Detroit.  She got on the plane on time, so she didn’t have to stay at the “Red Roof” again - Ha-Ha!

April 3, 2006

     I finished reading “Das Boot”(the Boat).  Very good and very descriptive about the once feared Nazi (German ) U-Boats in WWII.

April 4, 2006

     Joan called and her trip back went smooth.  She talked and talked until I had to cut her off because my lunch break was over.
     Nine more American soldiers killed in action.
     Oil is now $67.39 a barrel.  We now have another 1016 days left with King George

April 10, 2006

     Oil is climbing higher and higher. It is now $68.74

Monday, December 15, 2014

2,300 KIA in Iraq, Oil Price

March 21, 2006

     The Bush war in Iraq is still stuck in the mud and it will never end.  King George ahs really gotten us American into a real mess.  The count of dead Americans killed in this farce is 2,300 plus and climbing.  The wounded and disabled count is about 20,000.
     Bush will leave Washington in about 1036 days as the worst president in the history of the United States

March 29, 2006

     What’s new?  The oil price is $66.07, how much higher?

March 30, 2006

     The oil price is now $67.10