Sunday, August 31, 2014

Donating Blood.

September 17, 2004

     Today I donated blood for the 29th time, although the FDA claims I have the 'mad cow' disease.  I lived in West Germany from 1960 to 1987.

September 19, 2004

     I am a bit nervous about my current blood pressure.  For years, I always had 120/70.  Now the last couple of weeks I have measured it at 138/81, 126/72, 129/75.  I am only 66.  A nurse at the Red Cross said I had an irregular heart beat?

An Old Marine

September 13, 2004

     After having my teeth cleaned, I stopped in at the American Legion in Royal Oak, MI.  I use to be a member there back in the 1990's.  I took a seat at the bar and started chatting with an elder veteran sitting next to me.  One thing led to another.  He was 80 years young!  I told him that I grew up on Rutherford between Fenkell and Puritan.  He almost fell off his stool.  He related how he use to date a Mary Lou D. who lived at 15743 Rutherford.  I lived at 15700.  He said they really whooped it up in his Ford Model A.  Mary Lou had a younger sister, her name was Gail.  I remember her as a type of tom boy and she played softball with us on the street.  She was my age.  He graduated from Cooley High School in 1943 and joined the Marine Corp.  He claimed he saw battle on Tarawa, Bouganville, Iwo and Okinawa.  He was in Korea and Vietnam and retired in 1975 as Lt. colonel..  Nice story if true.

September 16, 2004
       Last night I had two dreams I remembered when I woke!  I realized why I have been a pack rat and collector all my life and why I like looking through what others throw away.
     It was the almost total denial of my parents in giving me toys and things.  I use to accompany my father on Saturday when he went to work at the J.B. Webb company.While he was working, I would wander through the open offices and search the waste baskets.  I found a lot of things I could use and play with.  Nothing of value, mostly - pencils and erasers and such.  I was only 8 or 9 at the time.  My parents denied me most of the time of a happy Christmas.  One Xmas, I think I got a three wheeler.  Another time I got a basic Rector Set.  I even got a Monopoly game one year, but never more than one present while my sister was showered with dolls, clothes, games, etc.  Once as a small tot I found a battered Teddy Bear in the trash and brought it home.  It was even missing one of those button eyes.  My dear mother punished me and then she threw the Teddy away.
     The second dream was why I have trouble giving love.  I guess the main reason being was that my parents had absolutely no love for me.  I grew up as a child in an Arctic home atmosphere.  Never once did my mother hug me or show me any sign of affection.  My father,  never having any love as a child couldn't give me any either.  This is one reason why I failed in my marriages, with my daughter, etc.  Forget the little
girl I adopted, she is a bitch, and she doesn't even like herself.  She lives in Germany..

Friday, August 29, 2014

September 11, Bush and Cheney

September 11, 2004

     Today marks the third anniversary of Al Queda's attack on America.  I am the only one in this 'dogpatch' part of Ferndale, MI who put out and raised the flag in memory.
     Yesterday, I wrote the following letter to the Editor of the Detroit Free Press.  For some reason I feel they have placed me on a sort of 'non grata' list of writers.  I wrote:
     Once upon a time we Americans got caught in a campaign of "Red October".  We allowed a self centered egotistical  megalomaniac to lead us into a valley of fear.  We are still burdened with his memory or legacy.  I am referring to Stalin!
     Now the Vice President Cheney is doing the same thing.  "Vote for us or die!"  Is this the beginning of Cheneyism?
     As to the service records of  George W. Bush, why does the media have to report about his failure to report or his failure to serve or all the other dumb excuses he has.  It is plain and simple, FDR introduced the selective service draft back in 1940.  It was every and I mean every American's duty to serve. 99% of the male population did, only the rich and greedy (1%) found some way out.  The draft continued until "Tricky"
Dick repealed it sometime in the beginning of the 1970's.  Many of those poor 'rich' kids would sign up for the National Guard Country Club.  In plain English, they were 'draft dodgers'.
     This letter and others will not run because the Free Press is not free and can't handle the truth or criticism if offered them on a silver platter.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Bushy Tail" Old friend and WWII

August 28, 2004

     Bushy Tail and his GOP(greedy old pricks) are carrying on a very negative election campaign led by the grandson to Martin Bormann, Karl Rowe.  Right now a group of brain dead GOP from a "Swift Boat" unit in the Vietnam war, are spreading lies and false innuendos about the Democratic candidate John Kerry, who by the way received the 'Silver Star' for his bravery in Nam.
     Poor America if Bush and company are reelected. He has really made a mess of my country in the last four years!

September 1, 2004

     Sixty five years ago, Adolf Hitler and his Nazi war machine invaded the peace loving country of Poland and started WWII.

September 2, 2004

     Tonight I called Henry Baltzersen in Cincinnati.  Joan and I will be down that way this weekend and I would like to meet up with him and his wife.  Henry and I were pretty good friends while growing up.  That was from 1952 to 1958.  I then joined the Army and after one or two years, he joined the Air Force.  He warned me back in 1960, not to marry a German.  I refused to listen to him and got myself in a 27 year mud hole.

September 3, 2004
     Joan and I drove down to the "Red Devil" in Africa (Detroit) and enjoyed a pizza and beer with Jim Bush
Bill Bush and Bill Lynch, three kids, I mean old men from the old neighborhood.  Bill sort of confessed to me, that his mother had told him once that my dear mother was the most despised person on the block.  If seems that nobody liked her.  His mother died of cancer sometime between 1950-1955.  She was a very nice person and wonderful mother to five children.  Slowly the truth is coming out about Myrtle!

Driving Through the Old Neighborhood, etc.

August 27, 2004

    I am in Ferndale, MI.  I accomplished some more fixim-up projects around my wife's little house.  Then I decided to go for a ride around the old neighborhood.  We moved to the neighborhood, which is the area between Greenfield on the east, Southfield on the west, Fenkell on the south and Puritan on the north.  I drove down Prevost from Puritan to Keeler and then up Rutherford past our old house at 15700 Rutherford. I then drove over to the Northwest movie theater on Grand River, just east of Southfield.  I was a bit late because it was just a big pile of rubble.  I walked down where the theater seats use to be and where I spent many a Saturday morning at the matinee, watching Roy Rogers, Buster Crabbe, Lash LaRue, Mickey and Donald and many others for a ten cent ticket, or maybe it was twelve cents?  The other ten cents was for a box of popcorn.  The theater was even air cooled.  That was between 1948 and 1952.  I found the metal part of one of the seats and took it with.  I talked with several people walking around the area and we exchanged many a memory of those long lost daze.
     I then drove out Telegraph Road to Plymouth Road.  On the northwest corner of the two, use to be a Ram's Horn restaurant.  No more.  It had been razed.  So too, the two Taco Bell restaurants where I trained at in 1988.  PSI, a company I worked for in the nineties was no more. The D. Smelzer Roofing was gone I will wager that all of the companies I worked at after my return from Germany were 75% gone.  Most of them out of business.
     I then drove out to the Yankee Air Force museum.  It was at the For Willow Run plant where Henry Ford built all those B-24 bombers for WWII.  Our museum in Palm Springs is at least 10 times better.  The only thing they had was a B-53 bomber.
     After my visit there, I stopped at the Meijer super store in Belleville, MI.  How they manage to stay in business is a wonder.  Most of the associates were senior-senior citizens, mentally and physically handicapped and some real advocates of "Peter Principle".
     I remember my 4 1/2 years with this outfit and how naive and stupid I was.  From the moment I protested, while in training, my name became 'Mudd'.  I was placed on a 'black list and was considered non-promotable.  I never got a raise and I was reprimanded at every turn.  I sacrificed 4 1/2 years to a pack of "peter principle" idiots and the "fourth floor mafia" in Grand Rapids.  That all was because I dared have a nice chat with the owner, Fred Meijer in German.
     I remember one in particular, Carl Eberle.  He was the soft line manager at one of the stores I worked at.
He was untrained, no leadership skills, had a big mouth, was a pussy teaser, illiterate and very lazy.  If he had been born in Germany, say between 1910 -1920, he would have made a perfect gestapo agent and a very faithful follower of Adolf Hitler!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

President Obama and his speech to the american Legion in North Carolina.

August 26, 2014

     I watched President Obama speak to the American Legion, that was broad casted in CNN and other media stations.  I was very embarrassed at the applause given.  It was very lite and I saw most of the Legion delegates and members sit like real bumps on a log.  They probably wouldn't have applauded even if a gun was pointed at them.  Most of them either belonged to the defunct Republican party or are members of the 'Don't Tread On Me' Teabaggers.
     I joined the Legion back in maybe 2002.  For a time I did enjoy it because as a historian, I got to talk to many vets from WWII and Korea.  I dropped out maybe in 2008 or 2009, then I gave it another try in 2012.  That time only lasted about six months and I became disappointed.   I personally served honorably from June 1959 until May 1965.  I know for a fact that I am probably the only American G.I. who visited East Berlin during the 'Cold War' in 1963 and was photographed shaking hands with a Soviet soldier.  I only shot my M1 , carbine and WWI 45 on the range.  I qualified 'sharpshooter' with the M1, carbine and M14. I know many in the Legion did the same, but today they back full heartily sending the young Americans in war. The president is a true replica of President Kennedy who also didn't want war but finally lost to the 'money cartel' and others on November 22, 1963.   How many of them (current legionnaires) really saw action.  The veterans who saw a lot of blood and guts, whenever they enlisted or drafted, don't talk much about their experiences and just want to forget.
     Maybe you would like to read about my exploits in the service.  Go to;  The title is "August 13, 1961"  I will be changing the title very soon.  The current title means nothing to most, I know!

My Bankruptcy and Ford

August 26, 2014

      I filed for bankruptcy back in May and my debts, roughly $40,000 were taken off the table on June 9.  One of the items was a 2014 Ford Fiesta which I got though the unethical sales treatment of the local Ford dealer.  They saw me coming.  They bamboozled me!  They screwed me and they tattooed me into signing a three year lease contract for $343 a month.  I am to blame for letting this happen to me.  I should have done some research.  The next day, I read in the local paper, a real 'soap wrapper' as my grandpa called his local, that the same dealer  was advertising the same vehicle for $109 a month for two years.  Recently, they advertised the 2015 Ford Fiesta for $69 a month for two years.  So, nobody can tell me that I was fairly treated.  Luckily for me and my letter to Ford's CEO, he had the Ford dealership in LA send the 'repo' man and reclaim his precious Ford.  I was a Ford man for many years, but no more.  I will never lease, own or drive a Ford product again.
     This reminds me of a joke I recently read or heard.
     A guy sitting in a bar drinking maybe one or two too many, spouted off how he thought Ford products were so shitty.  A guy at the end of the bar, who remained unknown, sided up to the disappointed guy and said, he was very sorry to hear his comments about Ford.  He then said, my friend, I would like to invite you to tour our local plant.  The disgruntled guy nodded YES.  The next week he went to the plant and was given the VIP tour.  They even wined and dined him.  His unknown friend from the bar met him at the end and asked, what is your impression now of Ford.  The guy only answered,  I know now where the shit is made.