Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Martin Luther Day

January 17, 2005

     Today was Martin Luther King Day!  I worked around the house and accomplished many a small project.  I am now reading Michael Moore's book, " Dude, where is my Country".  It is very interesting.  I have always said that America is going to the dogs.  I predicted that long ago that this will happen no later than 2050.  Michael Moore has the same thoughts.  Right now they are getting ready to inaugurate  George W. Bush as the president of these still United States.  He will for sure go down in history as the worse president this country has had.  I am hoping that Al Queda pulls off a big one on January 20.  I also hope there will be many there to protest this B that some have voted in.  We will really suffer under him.  But I guess who cares?  I am the only one!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Detroit Lions can only Meow!

December 26, 2004

     It was too cold and snowy out today, so I stayed in and watched the Lions play hard and beat the Bears 19 - 16.  They are now out for the season.  Maybe if William Clay Ford, the owner can decide to leave them alone, they might win a couple more next year.  The Lions haven't played real football since the days of Bobby Lane and company.  That was in the 1950's.

December 27, 2004

     We left Ferndale around 10:30 AM.  We are now on our way back to Palm Springs, CA and NO snow!  We spent the first night in Effingham, IL.

December 28, 2004

     We continued our trip to California.  I drove through Illinois into Missouri.  We stopped at Fort Lost-in-the-Woods, Misery, aka Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  I enlisted in the U.S Army in June 1959 and was sent there for basic training.  That was a real hell hole.  The daily temperature was always in the high 90's and the humidity was WET.  The heat rash and bugs got the best of me.  Now, I toured the whole area, the museum and the outdoor area where the old barracks were still standing.  I went into one like the one I stayed in back then.  I almost fainted when I went into the Latrine.  There were five (5) crappers without partition.  Six sinks and four showers heads.  I was trying to remember how sixty of us recruits did it?  They got us up at 5 AM.  We ran into the latrine, did our business, shaved and then dressed for reveille.  Chow was OK as long as we took some salt tablets with our coffee. After our short stay there, I drove through to Vinita, OK.

January 5, 2005

     We are now five days into another year.  I am still unpacking the stuff I hauled out in an U-Haul.  I got so much stuff, I could fill a whole warehouse and I don't know where to put it all.
     I am thinking again about the lying SOB of a president, the people of America now have.  I will never refer to him as my president.  Every time he opens his mouth, he lies.  HE is like an adulterous husband who gets caught having an affair and tries to weasel his way out of it by telling his wife some kind of big fish story.  One just has to look at George W. Bush when he speaks!  Without his puppet master, KArl Rowe, he is nothing!

January 10, 2005

     Joan and I went to the movie and saw "Meet the Fockers".  It was real filthy in parts.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Who are you?

October 17, 2014

     I have one, two or three people who read my B.S. from time to time. Maybe you can write me and tell me who you might be.  If not, then be so kind a tell others about a jerk who has such stupid ideas and opinions.  I will not harm you in any way, I am just interested to learn who might read me and I would really like others to join you?

I know you have heard of the 'starving painter', well, I am the 'starving writer'!  Please help?

More to come if I can only get a following?

Again Ebola and again Ebola!

October 17, 2014

     Who am I, just a 'nobody', but I am sick and tired of all the networks.  They can't or don't want to report any news.  They only have one thing in the shrunken heads and that is Ebola.     Tonight, one of the illustrious  reporters said that Ebola was discovered in the 1970's.  I have a Webster's dictionary and there is no listing of Ebola when it was published in 1988.
ABC - Ebole, ebola, EBOLA!  CBS - EBOLA, ebola, Ebola!  NBC - ebola, Ebola, EBOLA, CNN - Ebola, EBOLA. ebola,  MSNBC - Ebola, EBOLA, ebola!  CNN - Ebola, ebola, EBOLA!  etc., etc., etc.
This 24/7 and no news, nothing about what might be happening in the world. Oh, I forgot FOX - Ebola, ebola, EBOLA!
     Nothing, absolutely nothing has been said to compare the current B.S. with the Influenza pandemic that killed maybe one million Americans back in 1918 to 1920.  I even lost a distant relative to that disease.  So what?  As long as 'peter principle' is at the helm, nothing will be accomplished.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


October 16, 2014

     Why can't those in power or the ones who profess to be intelligent, take a look or study up on what happened in 1918, 1920, 1921?  The American dough boy went over to Europe to fight in the "war to end all wars".  Bull crap!  He was victorious and came home on hundreds of ships.  No planes flew across the ocean at that time.  He not only brought back with souvenirs and maybe a war bride or two, but he also brought back a deadly virus they termed later as the INFLUENZA.  They did the same back then as the people are doing today.  They kissed and hugged their loved ones and returned to life at home as usual.  Then suddenly they began to die like the 24 hour flies.  It was reported that between 20 to 40 million people on earth were infected and died.  More American soldiers died from the Influenza than from a German bullet.
Now we are faced with a new outbreak of a new virus called EBOLA. There is no cure and those in charge have no clue as to how they will contain it.  So far, only one has died here in America.  Will there be more?  I say, keep all those 'jungle bunnies' out and not only control 94% of those people flying here, but control and quarantine all 100% until it is proven that they will not give me or anyone else that virus.  This will not happen because we have an over saturation of  'peter principle' advocates in government and elsewhere.  I will do my best to protect my 76 year old body.  I will boycott any and all mass meetings or anything of the human race.  I will seclude myself to my own domain.  I pray this EBOLA will be destroyed soon before it becomes another Influenza pandemic.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ebola! Ebola!

October 15, 2014

     I am scared now!  Why?  Due to 'peter's principle', it seems nobody is in command and nothing is really being accomplished.  I have a 1988 Webster's dictionary and there is no mention of EBOLA in it.  I remember in the 1990's, someone said or wrote that the cause of Ebola was some damn monkey or monkey race in Africa.  If that is so, why haven't the leaders exterminated that race of monkeys.  Now we have a world that is on the verge of total revolt because they are scared of getting this disease.  Today I went for my monthly blood test because of a blood clot in my left leg I suffered three years ago.  I drove up to the clinic here in Palm Springs, CA.  I parked my small KIA Soul in the parking lot and was about to go in when I noticed that there was a real backlog on patients.  They were even standing outside.  I said to myself for some unknown reason, Peter, let's go home.  I  did!  At home I tuned in my TV and Ebola  was on every frickin channel, nothing but EBOLA.  I then said to myself, no more blood testing.  If they, that is the medicare provider wants to test my blood, they can make an appointment with me and come into my house. That clinic was filled to capacity with people from all over.  Who is going to certify me that nobody there had had no contact with anyone who might have carried that disease.
     One cannot even fly today because there is no absolute testing going on of the passengers boarding the plane.  Many people, I would say most, are to dumb to know anything.  They never read a newspaper or watch TV or even listen to the radio.  They don't know nothing and if I were to ask them about Ebola, they would probably quote Sarah Palin who considers Ebola to be a country in Africa?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Reuben James

December 7, 2004

     Yesterday while I was at the American Legion, an old Navy vet told me about the destroyer Reuben James that was sunk by German submarines on October 31, 1941.  Over 100 sailors went down with the ship.  President Roosevelt had stated in an election speech on the fall of 1940, that he would not get us involved in a foreign war or send American boys into such a war unless the U.S.A. was deliberately attacked.  I guess the death of 100 plus sailors was not enough to get us into WWII.  It had to be 2500 at Pearl to convince the American populace to join FDR in his war!  What a shame!

December 10, 2004

     A new poll says what I said and wrote over a month ago.  Many Americans do not believe in a democratic future for Iraq.  Ha-Ha!

December 22, 2004

     Last night I was kept awake for the longest time.  I dreamt that when I was a boy, maybe 13 or 14, I threw a bunch of my baseball cards down in the 2" x "4 wood frame in the attic.  That was 1951 or 1952.  I am sure they are there, how many, I don't know.  I would just like to find a way into the old house and look.  I would split the find with the current owner.  I called him or her but they didn't call back.

December 23, 2004

     Here in Ferndale, MI and in the whole Midwest, it snowed for the first time.  We got 7 inches of that damn white stuff. I couldn't find a dumb Swede to shovel it, so I got dressed to shovel myself.  As I opened the front door, there were three high school boys on the porch asking to shovel.  My wife gave them about $15 to $20 dollars, and they did the job for me, WOW!