Monday, May 14, 2018

Bhutto in Pakistan murdered, Happy New Year?

January 1, 2008'
     We have to believe it, it is the New Year.  Joan and I watched the movie "The Straight Story" on TV.  I was in bed at 9:30 PM after wishing Joan a Happy New Year.  She said this morning, there were a lot of fireworks.  I didn't hear a thing.  Last year, we lost 899 young Americans in Bush's useless and wasteful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Now after the assassination of Bhutto in Pakistan, we will probably be called upon to invade there because they have atomic weapons and we can not allow the taliban or Al Qaeda to get them.
     I will be 70 in August, WOW!

January 4, 2008
     Barrack Obama beat Hillary Clinton and John Edwards in the Iowa Caucus.  I am hoping he continues.  Is this country ready for a black man as president?  The Republicans are beating up each other.  They don't have a chance in hell!  George W(ar) Bush has proven that this country is tired of the Republicans for the time being.

January 9, 2008
     Just another day at the office.  Joan and I enjoyed a pizza at the 'Red Tomato' in Cathedral City.
Very good!  Then we went over to the Cathedral City Hall and attended the City Council meeting.  Half way through the meeting, the mayor, Mrs. Kathleen DeRosa, presented me with a Certificate of Achievement for presenting a 'Healing field' American flag to the family of Special Dearing in Hazel Park, MI.  He was KIA in Iraq!
     So now on to the next project to help someone and do a good deed!

January 11, 2008
     That want to be president in the WH contends that there is no recession on the horizon.  There is!  Here are several examples:  Lowe's has about 1500 stores.  Their stock four months ago was at $30.  Yesterday, their stock fell to $20.31.  The same is true with Home Depot.  It doesn't look good!

January 13, 2008
     We saw the movie "Into the Wild".  It was pretty good.  The young man who was portrayed in the film died of starvation all alone in an abandoned bus.  The actor who portrayed him, Emile Hirsch, will only be remembered from this film.
     I am reading Bill O'Reilly's newest book, "Culture Warrior".  What an eye opener about the coming and individual demise of this country, no bull!  We are approaching our complete downfall!  Thank God, I am 69 and probably will not experience this total downfall?

January 18, 2008
     Joan paid for the tickets to the P-38 festivities at the Palm Springs Air Museum.  It was very interesting and informative how this P-38 was raised from 260 feet of ice on Greenland.  They named it "Glacier Girl".  They fully restored it and it now flies again.  It was part of a squadron flying from the U.S. to Iceland and then Europe during WWII.  It was by far along with the P-51, the best of the best in WWII! 

Pizza and movie, daily nothing

November 24, 2007
     We went over to Nicolino's for dinner.  Joan had her usual 'eggplant' and I enjoyed a small pizza.  After dinner, we went over to the Camelot and saw "No Country for Old Men".  Very good but also very different.

November 28, 2007
     I heard again the same old rumor, Lowe's wants to get rid of all their vendors.  At 69 plus, I guess I could care less.  If it should happen, I will file for unemployment and really drift!  This earth of ours will no longer be here in a few years, so why worry about a future when there will not be any?

November 29, 2007
     I just crushed alu cans and the count is now 15,031 since starting to count in April 2006.

December 2, 2007
     I saw a 60 minute segment about the Christian persecution in Muslim Bagdad.  I dreamt how the Muslims have become so radical, mainly through their false interpretation of the 'Koran'.  For example, they would condemn a person who had executed another human who had murdered and raped a child before.  Some have become so perverted in their beliefs that I now believe, a good Muslim is a dead Muslim.

December 10, 2007
     No good news!  Our world is still at war.  Young Americans are still dying i  Iraq and Afghanistan.  I don't get it, back in the 1990's, Kenneth Starr, the brain dead, pinhead - special prosecutor; delved into the life of President Clinton, trying to discover the slightest wrong doing by the president.  He found nothing!  Now George W(ar) Bush has done things bordering  on treason and there is no one doing anything about his crimes?

December 13, 2007
     Had my left knee x-rayed .  It was my day off.  I drove around a finished a lot of neglected errands.  I just finished reading Mitch Albom's latest novel,"For One More Day".  Very boring and not well written.

December 31, 2007
     Today is the end of another year.  It has been both good and bad,  probably more bad than good.  I will not delve or go into all that was bad.  The good has witnessed me losing some weight.  Another good is that I am working hard to bury my past life.  Heike (daughter?) has done her share in locking herself out of my life.  The court case over my inheritance is now before the Michigan Court of Appeals.  What will be will be.
     The big questions for 2008 are, How will my health be?  How about any wealth and my personal welfare.  Will I finally be able to retire?  Will I be able to help others (money?) wise?  Will I be able to retire or live in Alpena, MI?  Will I be able to buy a new car?  Will Joan and I remain healthy?  Will I get a bit more prosperous in 2008?  Will I have any success with my memoirs?  Will I finish my remodeling?  Will we get a change in Washington?  Will?  If?  Can?  Should?  etc?

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Note:  Why was Allen Dulles on the Warren Commision?

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Books in wall, movie, project

November 17, 2007
     Again Saturday.  Joan went shopping  ($90) and I worked like a mad dog around my mobile.  I installed the 'L' strips along the rafters in the office, also installed new vertical blinds in  the office, cleaned the patio slider window and then packed several books in  plastic and dropped them all in the new empty space between the living room wall and the closet wall.  The titles were: '1984', Iwo Jima Journal, Last of His Kind (Truman Bio), 3rd Armor is WWII, and a copy of my memoirs.  Someday somebody will tear down the place that is if the 'Big One' doesn't first, and they will find some books to read.
     In the evening, we went to the movie and saw Robert Redford's"Lions for Lambs"

November 18, 2007
     We went to the movie again and saw Denzel Washington in "American Gangster".  Very good!
Currently  am reading John Grisham's  novel, "A Painted House".  It leads me to reminisce  about my childhood too. I have very few memories concerning Harold and Myrtle.  They both treated me from the beginning as somebody the wind blew in or as a total stranger that someone dropped off on their front porch.  I honestly believe that Harold had nothing to do with my creation.  It would be very interesting to prove this one day?

November 20, 2007
     My weight is down to 202.4 this morning.  I drank about 30 oz of green tea and kool aide yesterday.  In the night I had to go four times.  Each time, I guessed it to be a quart.
Aluminum cans recycled are now down to $1.11 the pound.
The EURO is $1.4815

November 22, 2007
My weight is 201.6 #
the EURO is now $1.4848
The Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit - Green Bay 37, Detroit 26

November 23, 2007
     I finished reading John Grisham's "A Painted House".  I read 465 pages in 15 days.  That is pretty good for a slow reader like me!  It was a very good story and was i  a certain way a continuation of John Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath".  This was a different story because it was a story about a 'sharecropper' family in Arkansas after WWII.  It did have a few similarities to the story of the 'Oakies'.
(35)  Another complaint - Myrtle and Harold didn't have any books.  The only books they once had were the stories by the Grimm Brothers.  I only remember those books because one of my 2nd or 3rd
cousins (Bruce girls)  use to babysit me and she always read one of the stories to me at my bedtime.
Because neither Harold or Myrtle read any books, they never were able to guide me to good American literature.
I remember when I came home from college for break.  That must have been during my Junior year.
I did a lot of reading at college.  I brought home the novel I was reading, 'Lady Chatterley's Lover'.  Myrtle found it when she unpacked my suitcase.  She reprimanded me for reading such filth.  Later that evening when I returned from a date with my only girlfriend,  I went as usual into their bedroom to say good night! There Myrtle was propped in her bed reading 'Lady Chatterley'.  I was sort of shocked and remarked, mother, you reading the filth?  She just answered,  I want to see how filthy it is!
While I am at it and it is not in my journal, I remember in high school English.  Most of the class read Shakespeare's  'Caesar'.  One remembers, Et tu Brute  ....  Well, I was so far behind in reading, that I could only read the version, 'and you too Brutus'.  This thanks also to Myrtle and Harold!

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Note:  A short story (non-fiction?) about Italian Royalty

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Election in Palm Springs, CA. The EURO

November 6, 2007
     It was election day in Palm Springs.  Steve Pougnet from Michigan was elected mayor.  One of my other choices was elected to the city council.  John Williams who got my other vote,  lost by just a few.  Proposal "C"  to build another "Prince of Avarice" conclave in the Chino Cove, was defeated by 70% to 30%.  Too bad!  I won't be able to spend a night in the planned  '5' star hotel/spa, that the rich wanted to build.  Hurrah for our side, the "nobodies".

November 7, 2007
     The U.S. dollar is falling out of control.  Our American greed is slowly getting the best of us and our country.  We are going down the drain and there are many who share my beliefs.  The EURO is now $1.4554, which means my German S.S. is now about $292.55 monthly.

November 8, 2007
     The EURO is now $1.4667, WOW!  I took my collected bottles and cans in and got $61.87.  That was 19# of Alu cans, 81# of beer bottles and 26# of plastic water bottles.  I sure enough do my share for the environment.

NEW:  My novel, President John F. Kennedy and the Berlin Wall, published November 2017
Note:  Do you know what Zyklon X was?

Dreamt of Riches

October 5, 2007
     Several weeks ago I found a bag of silver knives and forks in the dumpster  I thought I had found a real treasure.  I took my find to the local pwn dealer.  They appraised my treasure and offered me $3.80, that is three dollars 80/100.

October 6, 2007
A Lee Ellis responded to my letter (Desert Sun) in a very negative manner.  Although he is a veteran of WWII, he don't think he read my letter correctly?  I copied my letter in my October 3 entry.

October 8, 2007
     Took a chance and called Mildred Boland in San Diego.  She is through marriage a distant relative and is the only one alive who could possibly shed some light on my heritage.  We talked for an hour and I didn't learn anything from her.
(33)  In 1996, at my birthday dinner at a restaurant in Clawson, Michigan, Joan made the comment to Myrtle as we walked from the car to the restaurant.  Myrtle had said to me in a very cold and non loving way, happy birthday, Peter.  Joan answered her that it wasn't just my birthday but but also her
"birthing day".  Myrtle answered her rather nastily, "I don't think so". At the time, it didn't register with Joan or me!
(34)  I wrote in my memoirs that Harold had really suffered from hay fever on the day I was born.  Myrtle related years later that Harold and Hans Hanson got drunk on that day.  I believe the part of Harold being drunk, but as to hay fever , why didn't I ever see or hear  of him  suffering from hay fever as I grew up?

October 13, 2007
     Vice President Gore lost or the election was stolen from him in 2000.  Now he has won the Nobel Peace Prize, the highest honor in the western world.  I have said it and wrote it months ago, he will be our next president.

October 22, 2007
     457 more daze f King George.  This is my revolving bumper sticker I change daily,  counting down the days left with this n worthless so-called leader of the free world.

October 23, 2007
     Brush and wildfires broke out all over southern California yesterday.  It looks rel bad.  The fires are being helped by Sana Ana winds.

October 30, 2007
     The dollar stood at $1.4424 to the Euro.  It is loosing its value more and more each day.  Thisis another fault of George W.

November 3, 2007
     I almost forgot.  Today is the twentieth anniversary of me deciding to walk out on  my  sauerkraut
persecuting wife.  I left a no future for me in  the Federal Republic of Germany and flew to an unknown life awaiting me in America.  Was it a mistake?  No, I had to leave.  I had no life there and I wanted to live!

November 5, 2007
     My sauerkraut wife was raised first as a little princess in the eyes of her father, but WWII changed everything.  At first her father sucked up to the Nazi party, but toward the end he became disgruntled
like most Germans, and he took his anger out on his wife and little princess.  There developed a lot of domestic violence.  Enough to convince that little girl who later became my wife that she said to me, "no man will control or rule over me".  I didn't believe her and never did after we married.  That was probably my biggest mistake!

NEW:  My novel, President John F. Kennedy and the Berlin Wall, published November 2017
Note:  Jackie suffered shell shock (PTSD) when her husband was murdered!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Collecting Alu cans, Rush Limbaugh

October 2, 2007
     Today is sort of a milestone.  I collected my last aluminum can.  My count up to today is 14,007 crushed cans.  That does it, like hell.  I keep on!

October 3, 2007
     My last letter to the editor of the Desert Sun appeared today.
"Rush Limbaugh - Some brave vet he is"
Here goes ''Rush Limbaugh, shooting off his non-patriotic mouth again.  He has spoken out against practically everyone and everything in our country, especially those who disagree with his perverted ideas and views.  I wonder if 'big mouth' ever wore the uniform of the Armed Forces?  Probably not?
I am against everything he stands for, so I guess I am in his mind a "phony soldier".  I proudly wore the uniform of the U.S. Army for five years, two months and eight days active duty while serving both in West Germany and in the Pentagon!

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Dream, Dream, poof - poof

September 28, 2007
     I dreamt that my sister(big ?) and her husband had reached the financial plateau of too much, so they decided to return the Detroit Nipple Works to me.  At first I didn't get it nor did I understand why? It took me several days to figure that dream out.  I was still dreaming!  The date for the official turnover was set for next May 15, which would be Myrtle's birthday.  My alarm then woke me and I jumped out of bed!
Here are some more thoughts about Myrtle an d Harold:
 (29) Some time a while back, I heard from someone that Myrtle had a miscarriage once.  Could it possibly be that she had one in 1938 and I was a foundling that took its place?  Harold had a rare blood type,  His was Type A rh - (dc).  My blood type is O rh-positive (D+).  I don't know what Myrtle's blood type was?  Harold's father created a dead born baby girl in 1906 and later had some luck in creating Harold in 1909.  Could he have passed on a corrupted gene?
     It is so funny to note that I never saw the two embrace each other and they were married for 57 years.  I have a feeling that Myrtle held harold in  a sort of bondage until he passed in  1994.
     The question remains, who am I?
(30)  During the summers of 1946 to 1951, I would spend the summer with my friend (my grandpa?, Harold's father) at his cottage south of Alpena, Michigan on what was called Partridge Point.  His cottage was located directly on the Lake Huron shore about one mile off of the US 23 highway.  In the summers of 1947 and 48, Myrtle, her daughter Nancy, a Mrs Dahlen and her two girls and Myrtle's hated sister and her baby daughter were there.  On Friday night around 10 - 11 PM, we kids would look out the upstairs window looking for headlights which would announce the arrival of Harold, Mr. Dahlen and Myrtle's brother-in-law, Goff.  We would jump for joy when we saw the headlights through the trees, why? I am unable to answer that today.
     On Saturday morning , Harold, Karl Dahlen, Goff and I would go out either to the Alpena Country Club or the better course at Hubbard Lake.  I was the caddy for Harold.  My reward after their game was a hamburger and coke.  I did my caddying very good, but does anyone think Harold could allow himself to say, Thank You!, Hell no!  It is now another sample of his dislike for me.  He never offered to show me how to golf, nor did he ever show me how to hold one of his damn clubs.

(31)  In 1954, I was 15 and about eight months.  I went to work down at Harold's office.  At first I was the mail clerk for J.B. Webb's into office mail.  I would pickup and deliver letters, office memos, notes and blue prints.  In 1955, I more or less got promoted to expeditor in  Harold's purchasing office.  He didn't give me even one minute of training or explanation  as to what I was to do.  I proceeded to accomplice all the tasks at hand.  I even became an ace on the phone.  Harold gave me a pile of purchase orders and told me to call the companies and get a delivery date for the ordered goods.  I became so fluent and good that some of the various vendors believed I was Harold.
      Never once did he take me to lunch.  He had lunch everyday with a different salesman.  It was just another of those martini affairs.  I guess that is why he never took me.  One day, I was down in receiving and noticed the 400 pound clerk (Ole) going through some familiar looking orders.  I asked him and he not knowing I guess who I was answered,  he was checking orders for Harold to make sure everything was done right.
     That was two or three more strikes against Harold being my father!
(32)  I have a mission and that is to prove someday, who am I?

September 30, 2007
     I went to the show last night and saw the film "The Hunting Game" with Richard Gere.  It was pretty good.  The plot was fictitious, but had parts of truth in it.  One being that among nations and western organizations, the United States does not want to hunt those responsible for ethnic cleansing. We just don't want to bring them to justice. The United States along with some other nations really believe one muslim less is a great improvement.  The same can be said about the United States and the Republic of Germany.  Both have protected Dr. Joseph Mengele (Dr. Death) from those who hunt him.  He was the killer who stood at the end of the railhead in Auschwitz and choose those  on the famous 8 x 40 boxcars (predominately European Jews)  to be gassed, or to undergo his inhuman exploratory operations or to be sent as laborers until they died in one of the other camps.
     His son, now president and owner of the Mengele Tractor Company in southern West Germany, visited his father every year in Brazil or Argentina.  No German government official, not even the new ambassador to one of those countries was to intervene anyway in helping the hunters.  The matter was Top Secret.  I read that it was government policy  around the beginning of the 1960s.  Even then, there were some who still believed that a good Jew was a dead Jew!

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